Permits for Security Systems Setup

Please consult your city about obtaining a permit. Most cities in Texas a home or business to obtain a permit. Not doing so can result in the Local Police not responding to an event from your alarm system.

Alarm Dispatch Time

The alarm will call the Central office from 60-90 seconds if the system is not disarmed. You will get a phone call from our Dispatch and will be asked to verify your contact information. If a valid permit is on file, the Police will be notified if the contact info is not verified or if no one can be reached.

Battery Backup

All alarm panels have a large battery inside the main panel. When fully charged, the battery can power the system for up to 4 hours if the dwelling experiences a power loss. Please call us if you are not sure when this battery was replaced. We do receive daily reports that include low battery issues. This could result in us calling you to schedule a battery replacement. Low batteries can cause communication issues with the central office, beeping keypads, and other system related problems.

Signs & Window Stickers

Let us know if you need new Security Window Stickers and Yards Signs. We will drop them off at no charge.

Payment Options

Our payment options consist of mail, over the phone credit card, or via our online portal. Please know that at any time you can call our billing department directly at 972-625-1100

Owners Manuals

DSC User Manuals

PowerSeries User Manual / PC1616 / PC1832 / PC1864 (pdf)

DSC Alarm Systems Manuals

Napco User Manual